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  • Immediate boost of clean, smooth all day energy
  • Cutting edge nootropics that give you laser like focus
  • All natural caffeine from green tea leaves - no jitters, no crash
  • Specifically selected clean & safe ingredients 
  • Absolutely delicious & non-carbonated
  • Better for you and less cost per serving than energy drinks in a can

"I was skeptical about this stuff. It isn't a pre-workout powder but really something that replaces a Red Bull or energy drink. There is no jolt or crash here. With about 140mg of caffeine and a ton of vitamins and other stuff that helps you focus, it just works. There is a full ingredient disclosure on the back so no "proprietary blends." Well done." - Jeff K.

Wake Up and Conquer Your Day with Our Premium Morning Energy Blend

People All Over the USA Are Loving This Energy Drink Mix...

Why I created Apex Drive

To be very honest, I created Apex Drive to solve my own problem. I love to hunt and be outdoors, but I'm a complete night owl and I sometimes need that extra kick early in the morning. 

After years of relying on coffee or unhealthy gas station energy drinks for a pick-me-up, I decided that I wanted an all-in-one blend that I could drink as soon as I woke up, would give me clean energy and laser focus (without a crash or the jitters), and with additional benefits you will not find in other drinks.

There was nothing out there close to what I wanted. That's why I decided to create Apex Drive... the next-generation energy drink.

Matthew Ohms

Founder, Hunting Grounds USA

Wait, this Isn't just another energy drink?

Not at all! 

APEX DRIVE is a next-generation energy drink that outperforms anything you can get in a can.

Here are some key differences...


  • All-natural caffeine - no shakes, jitters, or crash

  • Custom good-for-you formulation

  • Less than half a gram sugar per serving

  • All-day focus boosting power

  • Powerful nootropics

  • Herbal Immune System Support


  • Synthetic caffeine - shakes, jitters, crash

  • Addictive and full of harmful chemicals

  • High in refined sugar content

  • Can make you anxious, nervous, and apprehensive

  • Zero nootropics

  • Crash and burn

What we have found is that regular mass-produced energy drinks contain harmful chemicals, additives, and preservatives that are not good for your health. 

We hand picked every ingredient in Apex Drive's formula, each with a specific purpose and benefit. Plus, the flavor is incredible! 

Our formula is the beginning of a new generation of energy & focus enhancing drinks. 

Here's just a few Cutting edge ingredients included in our next-gen formula:

Alpha GPC

Dietary supplement (made naturally in the body) used for improving brain function. Boosts mental performance and learning functions.*

Huperzine A

Extracted from Chinese club moss, and is touted to improve memory and mental functions.*


An amino acid found primarily in green and black tea and some mushrooms. It increases focus and attention, while relieving stress and anexiety.*

Choline Bitartrate

Fights absentmindedness and improves focus. Also relieves joint inflammation, and supports heart and liver health.*


A naturally occurring amino acid that supports energy metabolism, promotes heart health, brain health, and is an antioxidant. Helps maintain proper hydration and electrolyte balance.*

All Natural Caffeine

Derived from green tea. Allows for slower absorption and provides you all-day energy. A much better alternative to synthetic or other sources of caffeine.*

Citrulline Malate

As a nitric oxide (NO) enhancer, citrulline malate has recently been touted to have the potential to improve athletic performance, aid in high-intensity exercise and the recovery of muscular performance.*

Rhodiola Rosea

Known as an adaptogen, it is a plant extract that combats stress, fatigue, depression and anxiety.*


Fruit extract packed with antioxidants and vitamins that helps boost your immune system.*

On top of the cutting edge ingredients above, APEX DRIVE lists every ingredient on the supplement facts panel. We don't hide behind a "proprietary blend" like many other companies. That means you know exactly what is going into your body.

Tap on the Nutritional Info button below to see the full list.

We’ve spent countless hours developing and refining APEX DRIVE - we know you’ll love it! 

However, we understand this might be your first time buying from us. We want you to feel 100% comfortable in your purchase, so your order is covered in-full by our 30 day Happiness Guarantee.

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